Anchor Bay High School

Suicide is the one topic that just about everyone will steer away from. Quite possibly because of the emptiness. Most of us will simply ask, "why?"

Recently, we had the opportunity to film a speaking session by Dennis Liegghio, a 41-year old musician who, when he was a young 14-year old, lost his father to suicide. His last memory was the argument they had gotten into about his math class. Dennis remembers it as if it were yesterday when he professed his hatred for his father, who was only trying to help him.

Over the years Dennis has struggled with his own issues of emotional depression. On his own personal journey, as well as with the guilt from that day he lost his father, he wrote a song, "No Resolve."

Dennis now travels to high schools and talks to students offering hope and thoughts that can help a young person through difficult times in our complex, social media-driven, world.

At the end of Dennis' presentations on this particular day, we watched as several people came up to him searching for answers for themselves and their loved ones.

When the evening came to an end, I asked Dennis, "How do you do it? So many cling to you for hope."

"I started this organization, KnowResolve, to make a difference. For now, this is my purpose in life."

One item that Dennis shared with me is how other schools or principals would rather not have such a presenter for fear that talking about suicide will somehow create a way of random deaths. "I say, 'wake up!' This is a real issue that needs to be addressed."

I congratulate Anchor Bay High School and their principal, Joe McDonald, for understanding this is a different world we live in today.