Gail and John Urso / Kevin's Song

Together, Gail and John Urso shared those proud, touching moments when they had chosen little, five-week-old Kevin, to become part of the Urso family. The adoption would be as all adoptions are...a joyous time.

"John would tell us Kevin was a handful as a child, funny, always into something." Gail was quick to tell us just how funny Kevin was. He had the uncanny ability to replicate voices like some of the country's best impersonators.

As Gail looks back at Kevin's life and how important it was for him to make people laugh and that one of his favorite stars to impersonate was Robin Williams. She understands now just how much pain was behind those gestures of humor. Kevin died of suicide, a little over a year ago, by hanging. He was 41-years old.

Growing up, he had clear signs of struggles with depression. The disease would affect many of his daily activities from schoolwork to relationships.

John and Gail talked very openly and poignantly about Kevin and his struggle with depression and untimely suicide.  I asked John if he had any regrets. Without hesitation, "I have plenty - as a father, losing a son to suicide, you never get over the haunting questions in your mind 'Why didn't we see this? Could we have done something different?'" Why didn't we know then what we know now?

Gail and John have formed Kevin's Song, a 501c3 organization, not only to honor their son but to offer help to families who are living the same type of scenario with a loved one. The goal with Kevin's Song is to hold conferences each year where professionals and families can come together with a common goal to help those who suffer from various aspects of mental illness, create a better awareness about suicide in America. "The statistics are staggering; every 13 minutes someone succumbs to suicide in this country." says Gail.

If we can save one life, two lives or several, it's our intention to create awareness about mental illness, bullying in school, or drug abuse as well as many other complicated issues. All of these circumstances can lead to suicide. We just don't want another family to have to go through what we have.

With a solid board of directors in place, a passionate vision, like the tree they planted in Kevin's memory, Kevin's Song will grow.

We are proud to have Kevin's Song associated with this film Death is not the Answer.