Ozone House, Ann Arbor

In our busy, everyday lives of texting, social media, and emails, I am certain we lose sight or don't think about how important a one-on-one phone call can be.

We met with Katie Doyle, Executive Director of the Ozone House in Ann Arbor.
Since 1969, Ozone House has provided a safe place, shelter and continued support to thousands of runaway, homeless and high-risk youths in our community who don't have a safe place to call home. 

"We offer a range of housing options - from emergency shelter to permanent supportive housing - in addition to essential comprehensive services including individual and family therapy, case management, and youth leadership opportunities," says Katie.

On our recent visit we were able to document one of the volunteers taking a call from a teenager who was contemplating suicide. This work that up to four volunteers do each day manning the phones, is truly touching.

It's one-on-one, it allows for a person, young or old, to reach out when in need during a time in their lives when it seems as though the world would be a better place without them.

As Katie explained, the Ozone House was founded during a time in the late 60's when America and the younger generation were at odds with their parents and the older generation of society. “There needed to be a place where young people - no matter how they identify - could go for shelter and support.”

Today, the Ozone House is not only a hotline crisis center but also a safe haven for those who are having difficulties at home or come from an abused family environment.

We are thrilled that Katie and the Ozone House opened their doors to us. We are very grateful for the work they do day in and day out.