Dr. Rebecca Bernert - Stanford University

How much do you sleep each day? How hard is it for you to fall asleep? How do you cope with everyday life when you have less sleep than your body and mind need?

Dr. Rebecca Bernert, professor at Stanford University has focused her research on the connection between sleep, depression and suicide.  These new studies are showing great evidence that there is a significant correlation between a sleep deprived body that has become habit and emotional anxiety depression issues.

"Fixing a sleep insomnia problem is one of the easiest things we can do without medication. We are able to change a person's life once we help them re-teach their body how to sleep the right amount of time."

We are certain that the work that Dr. Rebecca Bernert and what she talked about will help us help others in our film.

To read about the work that Dr. Bernert is doing, please go to https://med.stanford.edu/profiles/rebecca-bernert