Happy the Artist (a.k.a. J.P. Kuhn)


With a name like 'Happy,' what's there to be sad about? This is exactly what I wanted to know when I asked muralist J.P. Kuhn to talk to us. We were recently filming in Tallahassee, FL from his small and colorful studio that he shares with his dog "Oh My God," or OMG, which is on his license plate.

We talked about depression, sadness and what he has learned on his journey of life at age 72.

Not without bumps or bruises from living, Happy has fathered 8 children, lost one to cancer when she was in her late 20's, and was married twice with a few other lovers along the way.

His life can easily be read in his face as his car serves as a reminder of why we should all be happy.

So we talked and while he's not a well-known professor of psychology, he had so much to offer.  

I'm certain Happy will put a smile on everyone's face in our film about depression.