Aaron Caruso
Italian Tenor

"Nothing makes me happier than to see the expressions on my audiences faces when I sing. I know that music has an impact on people."

Aaron is one of the nations most dynamic operatic singers who has performed in houses such as Carnegie Hall, St. Patrick's Cathedral, opened for Joan Rivers and Venus in Atlantic City to Reno. But those performances are not what he likes to talk about; it's the senior living centers or a children's hospital for kids who are facing difficult physical and mental disabilities.

"When I sing for a child who can't hear or see and I affect them, that is true happiness for me."

Aaron will openly admit that, throughout his career, he has felt the full pallet of human emotions from highs to lows. He is quick to comment that his piano has been his therapist and best friend.

"When I play and sing, I transcend. I am certain music is so important to our mental well being. I wish more people would turn to music when they are faced with difficult times."

Aaron closed our in-depth interview with this final thought: "We all have something we can offer someone else. For me, I was blessed with being able to sing. When I sing for those who are faced with challenging times, this is the best therapy for me. It gives me a sense of purpose and happiness in my life. I wish more people would understand we all have something to give and giving can be the best drug in the world."

We are thrilled to have Aaron Caruso apart of our film.

To learn more about Aaron please go to this link: http://www.aaroncaruso.com/?section=bio