Courage and bravery come in so many forms.  We've explored it in the lives of military personnel and first responders, doctors and clinicians making great strides in the world of mental health - these are the stories that typically get the most attention.

Kathleen is not one of these individuals.  But as the Director of Marketing and Development for the National Network of Depression Centers, she is clearly on the front lines.

Kathleen sat down with us and shared her very personal life as a person who has bipolar disorder.  She took us on a journey about how this condition has impacted her and what she has learned that can help her.  Kathleen also shared what it was like to experience the loss of her then 21 year old brother to suicide nearly 30 years ago.  We learned so much from Kathleen that I am sure will impact our film and all those who see it.

It was so obvious that not only is Kathleen passionate about the work she does with the National Network of Depression Centers - she so deeply wants to help people learn from her story.

To learn more about the National Network of Depression Centers you can visit their website.