8/15/1971 - 3/23/2013

Kevin Francis Urso was loved and respected for his quick wit, his intelligence, his sense of humor and his caring nature. For ten years he was a child care worker at the Children’s Home of Detroit where he won the praise of the staff, board members and, most importantly, the children. Numerous young adult men would return to the Children’s Home to thank Kevin for his kindness, firmness and humor in their interactions with him.

Others remember Kevin fondly for his love and care of animals. As a child he rescued numerous stray dogs and, as an adult, he delighted in caring for his own dogs as well as those of others.

His sense of humor was legendary. Many thought he could have had a career in stand-up comedy. Kevin also loved music and had a wonderful voice.

Sadly, Kevin also dealt with depression. On March 23, 2013, at the age of 41, Kevin ended his life at his home in Florida. He will be forever remembered and missed. Hopefully, through his death and the resulting support for “Death is NOT the Answer”, a more open, informed discussion about suicide and mental illness will take place.