Rabbi Daniel Syme speaks at Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church

Rabbi Daniel Syme, at 68, has no issues in speaking his mind when it comes to suicide in America. This past Sunday, at the Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, one of Michigan's most respected Rabbis stood before an all black congregation and boldly opened up with a poignant discussion about the subject of suicide.

"The first issue - one that breaks my heart to see exploding across America again, is the raw epidemic of suicide. Jewish law instructs us that saving a life takes precedence over every other commandment of God." says Rabbi Syme.

Rabbi Syme's talk is deeply personal since he lost his brother, Michael, who committed suicide when he was 21 and Rabbi Syme was a young 29 year old.

This talk is part of Rabbi Syme's quest to create conversation, especially during the holidays where suicide rates have a tendency to spike. He is certain that if we address and talk about signs of depression, we can help those who are most vulnerable.

Pastor Kenneth Flowers, the warm and humble leader of the Greater New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist Church, and Rabbi Syme have been friends for eighteen years. Rabbi Syme is very much at home in this Detroit Baptist church, as he is in the majestic Temple Beth El synagogue in Bloomfield Hills.

It was inspiring to see how Pastor Flowers invited Rabbi Syme to step up to his pulpit for a pre-Thanksgiving sermon, a true reflection of friendship and respect.

When the 90-minute spirited service was complete, you could see just how loved Rabbi Syme is by the Detroit-based congregation. In his black robe with his tallit adorned by the Star of David, Rabbi Syme took time to talk with the parishioners about personal issues, about their own loved ones affected by depression or just offering good wishes on the upcoming Thanksgiving festivities.

It's obvious that this man is on a mission to change the direction of suicide in this country.

We are proud to be on this mission with him with our film "Death is not the Answer." www.deathisnottheanswer.com