Peter Yarrow

To be able to sit in the NYC living room in the upper West Side apartment of Peter Yarrow was, needless to say, both an honor and a privilege.

He agreed to talk with us about the difficult subject of depression because of his very close friendship with our Co- Executive producer Rabbi Daniel Syme.  Our film, “ Death is Not the Answer”, will be completed sometime in 2016.

Peter is one of America’s most celebrated singer/songwriters who was a part of the iconic group Peter Paul and Mary. Their music was recognized by our nation as “a social, cultural and political force that would deeply impact the baby boomer generation.” Millions would embrace the group’s message of humanity, hope and activism.

We sat and spoke on a wide range of issues, which included how music can impact our well-being, as well as Peter telling us how he has been affected by depression over the years and what he did that helped him through seemingly difficult times.

Peter told us about the foundation that he cofounded Operation Respect ( They are trying to affect a change when it comes to bullying in America. He sang the song that written by Steve Seskin and Allen Shamblin, “Don’t Laugh at Me”. Our crew was deeply touched by the words and meaning of the song that we felt should be on every iPhone in America.

We are certain Peter’s humble talk with us will be critically important to our film and the people we know we will help.

Mary had passed away a few years back from cancer.

Peter and Paul still perform. I highly recommend, if you have the opportunity to invest in yourself and a loved one, go attend one of their concerts. You will be truly touched by two of America’s richest musical legends. Here is a website with touring info.

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