Strawberry Fields / NYC

I am sitting at my computer writing about our recent filming at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. As I do this I am listening to one of the most iconic songs ever written, “Strawberry Fields” from the Beatles.

For those who are not familiar with the place dedicated to John Lennon’s life once it was cut short by his death in 1980.

Strawberry Fields sits at the 72nd street entrance to Central Park. It is there that, on a daily basis, you can find people gathering to take photos of the large circular brass plate that is pressed into the sidewalk. The emotional power of what John Lennon stood for can be felt as people from all walks of life and from all parts of the world stop to share a moment with each other. Very often, as we experienced on this day, someone will be sitting on the bench singing Beatles tunes.

We took this opportunity to interview a few people about the subject of “What is happiness? What is sadness? What is depression?” for our film, “Death is Not the Answer”. I also asked about music and how sound and song writing can be of benefit to our overall emotional state of mind.

We interviewed ladies from Mexico; Claudia, Lucy, Aida, and Marbel, young ladies from Italy, Jacqueline and Olivia from Australia, the guitar player David, our other David from NYC, as well as Brett from South Dakota. All of them took time to talk openly about their personal lives. We are sure this will add to our film, ”Death is Not the Answer.” Incidentally, David, who was there with his two dogs, not only danced for us, but he expressed how happy our four legged friends can make us. Our ladies visiting from Mexico were also moved by the music and the positive energy from the NYC so they to got up and danced.

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