Dr. James Gordon
Harvard-trained psychiatrist and pioneer in Integrative Medicine, author, and Founder and Director of The Center for Mind-Body Medicine.

This past week we had the extraordinary opportunity to sit and talk with Dr. James Gordon in an NYC apartment for our film “Death is Not the Answer.”

We sat in the presence of one of the nation's most respected psychiatrists who has helped thousands and is the author of more than 120 articles in professional journals and mainstream publications, among them the American Journal of Psychiatry, Clinical Psychiatry, The Journal of Traumatic Stress, The American Family Physician, The Atlantic Monthly, The Washington Post, and The New York Times. His work has been featured on 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, The Today Show, CBS Evening News, CNN, and NPR, as well as in Newsweek, USA Today, Psychology Today, and People Magazine.

His book, Unstuck, is a seven-stage program for relief through food and nutritional supplements, Chinese medicine, movement, exercise, dance, psychotherapy, meditation and guided imagery, and spiritual practice. The result is a remarkable guide that puts the power to change in the hands of those ready to say "no" to suffering and drugs and "yes" to hope and happiness.

Our sit down talk would take us through Dr. Gordon’s own issues with sadness and depression as well as happiness. Now in his 70’s, Dr. Gordon has been able to empower people from all walks of life. We are sure his personal thoughts on depression and suicide in America will be very important to our film.

While filming with Dr. Gordon, we captured some of the interview on an iPhone.
Take a look at some of these brief clips:
[clip 1] - Marijuana
[clip 2] - Meaning and Purpose
[clip 3] - Breathing Techniques
[clip 4] - How the mind and body are connected
[clip 5] - Why Dr. Gordon wrote the book, "Unstuck"
[clip 6] - Highs and Lows

To learn more about Dr. Gordon http://jamesgordonmd.com

For more information about this upcoming documentary go to http://deathisnottheanswer.com/